Why film photography?

Since I first stepped into my high school darkroom in 2009 I’ve loved film photography. I now have over 20 cameras, ranging from 35mm to 120, plastic and light to metal and heavy. I recently started to develop black and white film at home again and find it to be incredibly rewarding. The physicality of film is what has kept me shooting it for so long, you can’t hold a digital file in your hands! I’ve always tried to shoot what I feel and not get caught up in the technical chatter.


I’m Jennifer Schussler, living in London, UK, but originally from Perth, Western Australia. I have a BA in Art History and am currently studying part-time to get my Masters in the History of Art. I work at the Royal Academy of Arts and love being surrounded by creative people who love art. I take photos on the weekends mostly but also sometimes during lunch breaks and after work.

2017_07_11 Instax 02