ARCHIVE – Polaroid i-Zone

CAMERA: Polaroid i-Zone
FILM: i-Zone Instant Film
When I found an old zip-lock bag full of little photos I realised that the Polaroid SX-70 was not my first film camera, it was actually the Polaroid i-Zone which I think was given to me for a birthday or Christmas. I didn’t have a fancy looking one, it was just the standard light and dark blue with the yellow shutter button.

Looking at the photos, of which I only have 20, I remember how bad the camera was at outdoor shots, either over- or under-exposed, as it was really best for indoor use with flash. Most of the photos are of my family, although for some reason I thought it was a good idea to take a photo of my messy bedroom floor and get too close to my pet mouse in its blue cage. My favourite photo is of one of our dogs, Fugly, a beautiful boxer who died after getting bitten by dugite.

I actually got so nostalgic when I found these photos that I went on eBay and bought a cheap i-Zone camera, mine lost long ago, and some film that didn’t work. I didn’t spend much on it so I might try and hack it to take some other kind of film in the future, if I can be bothered getting around to it.

So here began my interest in instant film, rekindled many years later with a better camera.

©Jennifer Schussler

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