INSTAX 2017 no.7

CAMERA: Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic
FILM: Fuji Instax Mini colour
There’s a film in one of my cameras waiting to be developed with photos I know will not come out very well. So I decided to go with my trusty Instax to re-take some photos so I wouldn’t be as disappointed on missing those interesting views completely.
Some advice – never go into Bank station on the weekend to get to the District line. It was hot and I spent 10 minutes winding through the station to find that particular corridor closed. So back out again only to walk for two minutes to Cannon Street #londonerproblems.
2017_07_16 Instax 022017_07_16 Instax 092017_07_16 Instax 062017_07_16 Instax 042017_07_16 Instax 082017_07_16 Instax 072017_07_16 Instax 102017_07_16 Instax 052017_07_16 Instax 112017_07_16 Instax 032017_07_16 Instax 01
©Jennifer Schussler

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