INSTAX 2017 no.6

CAMERA: Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic
FILM: Fuji Instax Mini colour
Another weekend, another aimless wander. This time I was a bit more successful and took many more photos than expected. I wandered around the City of London, to revisit some places I had seen on my lunch breaks and just to see what else would take my fancy. I went from Euston through to Smithfield Market and down to St Paul’s. I stopped for about an hour in the lovely garden on the site of Christchurch Greyfriars Church and was joined by a strange little bird.
I find the city on the weekend to be quiet and peaceful (if you avoid the touristy areas) and it gives you more time to stop and consider what is around you as during the week there is just too much going on around you.
2017_07_08 Instax 032017_07_08 Instax 062017_07_08 Instax 042017_07_08 Instax 112017_07_08 Instax 122017_07_08 Instax 052017_07_08 Instax 072017_07_08 Instax 092017_07_08 Instax 082017_07_08 Instax 102017_07_08 Instax 132017_07_08 Instax 142017_07_08 Instax 022017_07_08 Instax 01

©Jennifer Schussler

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