INSTAX 2017 no.3

CAMERA: Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic
FILM: Fuji Instax Mini colour
Some weekends I go out with friends and others are spent alone, but I always try and go out to see something new or to revisit an old favourite.
The Horniman Museum and Gardens is a wonderful part of London that I will work my way out to once or twice a year. I went with my good pal Jevgenija, said hello to the walrus, met a new bee friend and I tried out some double exposures. We also went on a picnic in Hyde Park on the first sunny & hot day of British Summer.
I also went to see the Cerith Wyn Evans installation at Tate Britain which is neon Instagram heaven, but I preferred to try out a double exposure on film.
The second last photo is of a doorway/courtyard in Inner Temple, a lovely hidden gem in the heart of the city that is only a stones throw from my office so I like to visit at lunchtime. The architecture in this small space is beautiful and you can play spot the pegasus & lamb depending on which side of Temple you explore.
Lastly, it’s the house plant greenhouse at Clifton Nurseries. I love going here even though it’s nowhere near where I live, they just have a great selection of house plants and have been around since 1851!
2017_03_26 Instax 012017_03_26 Instax 022017_03_26 Instax 032017_03_26 Instax 042017_03_26 Instax 052017_03_26 Instax 06stamps325stamps3262017_04_02 Instax 012017_04_07 Instax 012017_04_07 Instax 022017_04_08 Instax 01
©Jennifer Schussler

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